Lausanne Free Church "believing all things written"

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need a place to stay while I am in Lausanne. Is there someone in the church I can stay with, or is it possible to sleep at the church?

Most people who come to the church live some distance away and do not have room to provide overnight accommodation.

There is an affordable guesthouse nearby called Lausanne Guesthouse. You can see details on their website:

  1. I am coming to live/work in Lausanne but I can't find an apartment. Can you help me?

There is a housing shortage in the area and many people are struggling to find a place to live. Homegate is probably the easiest place to start looking, especially if you need details in English:

  1. I would like to go to an English-speaking church like LFC while I am in Switzerland, but I live too far away. Is there another church nearer to where I live?

While there are English-speaking churches in some towns and cities, we are not aware of any others that believe and teach the doctrines of grace.  

  1. Can I hire the church premises for a concert/birthday party/lecture?

It is not possible to do this.